dezlcam charger


in my earlier post i wrote to as why my dezl cam keeps dimmimg out on me. I guess it has to do with my charger. It got mixed up with other chargers while a few gps were updated. i ended up with the incorrect car charger thereofoe it causes me problems. can anyone tell me the serial number or model number off the correct car charger or are they all different? please and thank you.

Robert Tschetter

Original Dezlcam LMTHD or Dezlcam 785 LMT-S?

Do you have the original Dezlcam LMTHD (2015) or the Dezlcam 785 LMT-S (2018)? The original Dezlcam should have come with the GTM-60 traffic receiver power cable. The newer Dezlcam 785 probably has the TA20 power cable.

Note that the TA20 power adapter provides 5 volts at 2 amps while the older TA10 used on some older models only provides 5 volts at 1 amp, and many of the older adapters only provide .5 amps. So if you are using the wrong power adapter, that could be the issue.

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