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hi friends,
I purchased a Canada map online on a sd card. when i insert my card into Gps i get a error saying "error detailed map Does not support routing.. please help

Robert Tschetter

Which map?

Which 'Canada' map did you get? Many maps won't support routing.

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A thought

Your nuvi 65 listed in your POI Factory account has it as your only Garmin GPS, and it only offers a map of the Lower 49 US states yet your home appears to be in Alberta Canada.

My suggestion is that if you do live in Canada and want the ability of your device to have routable maps of Canada and also to be able to receive map updates in the future, the best and quite likely least expensive alternative is to buy a different Garmin GPS, one that comes with a map of all of North America and one that gets lifetime free map updates. You won't need to buy a new device unless you want to, as there are many Factory Refurbished units with a Garmin warranty that can be found as well as searching the used market on ebay and elsewhere. You can probably find a newer model with additional features and with the North America map with free map updates for less than what it would cost to add a single routable Canada map to your nuvi 65 or SD card.

If you do want to proceed with updating your nuvi 65, I think there are free Garmin-routable maps that can be found online at places like I've never tried doing this given the hassle-factor, especially with the occasional need to re-do the process when a map update is desired. The nuvi 65 is a 4GB device so it's unlikely that you can add a Canada map to your 65 directly so a SD card will be required for this additional map.

Good luck.


I had to go to Toronto last summer, going though Buffalo to cross the border. I only have the Lower 49 on my Drive 51, so I used OpenStreeMap Canada files.

You have to pick segments of the map for download, some of which seems to cross the border.

You can create a route if you download the routable maps.

BUT, make sure that you only have the Garmin map or the OpenStreetMap active at one time. The route goes haywire where the 2 may overlap. In my case the car icon went off the route and into the lake as I left Buffalo going to Canada.

Other than that, the routing was good enough to get me into the residential area north of the city where I needed to go.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.


KenSny wrote:

...In my case the car icon went off the route and into the lake as I left Buffalo going to Canada...

Scary! That did not happen to me as I had the Garmin North America map.

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thanks for reply. its a nuvi

thanks for reply. its a nuvi 680 that i am having issues with..

Robert Tschetter

Another issue

Robert Tschetter wrote:

thanks for reply. its a nuvi 680 that i am having issues with..

The nuvi 600 series is one of several older models that can not read files over 2GB in size so keep this in mind along with everything else:

You still should be able to use the 680 with a routable map of Canada, and other than the cost of an SD card, you can do it for free but with some effort by using Open Street Maps as described earlier.

Good luck.

thank you .. i used a 2gb

thank you .. i used a 2gb and the map worked.. awesome

Robert Tschetter