Which Garmin devices are not compatible in using a map file larger than 2GB in size ?

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With every new version being released, the maps are continuously getter larger and larger in size. Even though you have a 4GB or larger SD card installed within your device, it may still not work.

The following series will not function using a map file that is larger than 2GB :

o nuvi 300 Series
o nuvi 600 Series
o nuvi 5000
o StreetPilot c500 Series
o OEM zumo Series (Example: BMW zumo 550)

The workaround/fix for the above is to install a map file that doesn't exceed the 2GB limit size.

The following series will function with a map file larger than 2GB providing
the unit has the latest software update :

o zumo 400 Series
o zumo 500 Series