Garmin chargers light color


I have trouble seeing red or green lights like is on the Garmin car chargers/power supply. Honestly we have more charging cords than GPS units so often times they're not matched the way they came out of the box. My wife gets upset when she sees a red light on the charger and a green one one the other. Do the lights actually change color (I'd understand if they did) or is it simply some chargers have red lights and others green lights?

LED lights

Here's a bit of an answer:

There's a discussion of LED colors there. I can't find it right offhand but it does seem that I read somewhere that one or more traffic-enabled power/traffic/charging cables may change color whether or not a traffic signal is being received. Don't believe this unless someone confirms it though.


chargers start the charging cycle showing a red LED then change to green when charged.
Other chargers just use the LED to let you know it's on AC.

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All of my...

...Garmin chargers use red LED’s. However, I have a phone charger that I bought at Costco that starts out as Orange and turns Green when the phone gets to about 95%.

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manual or practical check

There is no general standard on indication lights. You can have one color to indicate that charger is simply plugged in to outlet. This light can change when it's charging and agan when charging is done. Or there will be only plugged-in indicator and charging lights will show on charged device.

There may be no indicator light on charger at all.

Practically only way to know what light means is to check manual or observe how color changes when charger is plugged into outlet only, when it's charging an when charging is done.

To make it even more annoying today LEDs are capable to displaying a lot of different colors. Not only green, red, yellow or blue.