Drivesmart 65 MTP settings changed?


I have 2 Drivesmart 61's and to transer from Mapsource I would go to MTP settings and select Mass Storage. In this I would be able to transferr anything in my Mapsource program that I've used for many years on all kinds of Garmin Nuvi's.
This Drivesmart 65 is different. In MTP it has choice of Auto MTP and USB Ethernet or Single session ethernet. I tried all 3 and cannot get MS to recognise the Drivesmart 65.

I tried saving the MS file as gpx and copying to the 65's file. Using Win 10. If I can't get an easy way to transferr I'll have to send it back. I have about 700 waypoints with catagories that I need to show in the 65. I tried to use BaseCamp but it won't put them in catargoies when I import the MS gpx file into Basecamp. It get's corrupted and won't show any catagories. People who have used MS will know what I mean.

Connect the unit to Garmin

Connect the unit to Garmin Express that has all your favorites. Go to tools and contents, utilities and back that unit up. Disconnect and connect your new unit to Garmin Express and got to Toola and Contents, Utilities. Use the Transfer option to transfer the Favorites from the old unit to the new unit.

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Hmmm ...

Surprised that you say BC won't do categories as mine does, which BC are you using?

In any case use phranc's method above or manually copy the gpx file to the sd card in your Drive, if you can't access the Drive itself, as it will read it from there. You'll need to place it in Garmin/GPX/ on the card.

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In MS I have it in

I installed a SD Card on the 65 then made a Folder called Garmin on it. In Garmin I made another folder called GPX. I then saved my MS file as a GPX. Copied into the GPX folder on the SD card. That seeme to do the trick. Thanks. I did backup in express as well.

On a side note. In the 61 the MTP settings gives Mass storage now it says' Usb Ethernet. It recognizes the 65 in POI loader and MS but no way does MS recognize it. MS did and does recognize the 61. So they changed something I think. Whis I knew so I wouldn't have to convert etc.

UPDATE: I ended up sending this 65 back. Only because of the hassle to load MS files into it. MS works well with the 2 61 Drivesmarts I own and their isn't a big difference between the 61 and 65 right now. Not sure if there is a bug in that software as it seems the same but as I mentioned the MTP settings don't show Mass storage wording but USB ethernet.

MS File

Sorry, help me what is an MS file, I have a Drivesmart 65 and like it more than the 61
Some of us are stupid, what is BC,these are terms I don't know, and I build computers.

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It's the mode your DriveSmart is in.

dutcherp5 wrote:

Sorry, help me what is an MS file, I have a Drivesmart 65 and like it more than the 61
Some of us are stupid, what is BC,these are terms I don't know, and I build computers.



for Mass Storage (MS) vs Media Transfer protocol (MTP).

BC is the Garmin program BaseCamp:


I meant Mapsource file. Which can be in a few formats but defaults as .gdb.


.System Enable

Too late to the party.

Looks like there a toggle in the hidden menu to enable .system display. Doing so allows the structure to be visible. For the most part it presents the same file structure as mass storage mode, but without the ability to format or do other stupid things to the storage.

As for mapsource, I've always saved the .gpx's elsewhere then copied to the /garmin/gpx folder either on a memory card or internal storage. It's a few added clicks but prevents the headaches of mapsource <> PND interpolation.

The developer menu still has the .gpx logging ability which is nice. This drops a breadcrumb every second. Useful for tracking speeds through corners.

About 6.4GB free before updating. We'll see what it is after. Current internet connection is snail's pace - eta 4hrs.

The 61 has a warmer display compared to this (in terms of color temp).