update: with the carpool discount being yanked 1/5/20


update 11:56 EST on 1/2/20:

The PANYNJ just announced that they are keeping the carpool plan until all electronic tolling is installed. This could go into 2021 depending.

Talk about a reverse money grab! $6+ less revenue, per all the carpool vehicles going across, that's a lot of money. Man talk about good faith!

from today:

* Due to the implementation of cashless tolling, the Carpool Plan was discontinued at the Goethals Bridge as of September 2019, at the Outerbridge Crossing as of April 2019, and at the Bayonne Bridge as of February 2017. The Carpool Plan will remain available at the Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, and the George Washington Bridge until the time of implementation of cashless tolling at those crossings, anticipated in 2020 or early 2021.

by the Port Authority of NY/NJ, we used it one last time on 12/31. Crossed the George Washington for $6.50.

We decided to add the PASI plans to our accounts. If we visit our relatives in Brooklyn 3X/mo., then the toll will go to $6.25 (believe it's headed to $6.88 not sure).

This doesn't help getting to Manhattan or CT, but at least it's something. I just don't believe in $16 bridges and tunnels (can we pull their charters to see how they were planned way back when?).

Discounting them to $13.75 imho is not very good.

my .02