Happy New Year and are you making a resolution?


Almost time for a new year. Most that make resolutions falter but even so it's interesting to hear what people plan to do in the new year to improve themselves.

New Year

Quit making resolutions years ago, most of the time I forget them and break them anyway

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I resolve to

Never make another New Years Resolution!

happy new year's


Happy New Year

Can't handle anymore resolutions.


Due To a Lack of Self Control...

I've already broken my 2020 new years resolutions.

Smaller portions

Yep, don't eat everything on my plate and no eating after supper. Sounds simple, huh?


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The usual

Eat better, more exercise be a better father and husband....

This years resolution is

This years resolution is actually loose the last 20 pounds.


New Years resolution is to make no more resolutions!

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Happy new year

my only resolution is to try to be more inclusive...I am saddened and very concerned about divisiveness... the recent violence really bothers me.

After my accident in

After my accident in November, it will be to continue my rehab workout to feel better along with being more fit


I forgot what they were so I must have done them already YEA !

Me too

johnm405 wrote:

Quit making resolutions years ago, most of the time I forget them and break them anyway

Why Bother! I also break them almost the same day as I make them! LOL

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