BurgerKing file update.


I decided that it was time to update this file. In the past updates,it was an extremely slow process that included going to a state listing and next to a city listing and hoping that all cities were listed. In the process of this update, I found that a total listing was available on the BK website.I compared this total listing to the existing file, consisting of over 8100 line items and to my suprise, obtained the following results:

Added 804 locations
Deleted 529 locations
Relocations/address corrections 139 locations

Net increase of 275 locations

A lot of time was still required, but having a total listing made this review a little easier. Too bad that other business's don't provide their total listings.

NOTE: Due to the amount of time on this, I used GPS visualizer to obtain the coordinates for most of the new locations. Please send me any corrections that you find.


for the work that you do.


That sounds like a lot of work. Thank you mahoney


Thanks for the time and effort.


It would be nice if businesses would offer a file like BK does. I am of the opinion it would increase their traffic to their locations, Maybe not a lot but I don't see a downside to it.

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Don't see how "it would

Don't see how "it would increase their traffic to their locations".

Most people don't use POI locations, they use their cellphones or Google.

The days of needing to download POI's being are numbered.

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Thanks for your hard work.

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