A simple question (handling phone numbers in EPE)


I expect this is a simple question but I'm new to creating a POI file from scratch. I've created a file using EPE v6.04 if that will matter. What I've found is that when I add a Comment in EPE as well as having address, city, state, and phone, I end up with a csv line as in this example:

-89.354788,43.092042,Tex Tubb's Taco Palace Street parking or parking lot.,608.242.1800,2009 Atwood Ave,Madison,WI,,USA

I get the same results below when saving as a Garmin csv or Garmin GPX file with the phone number appearing twice.

What I see on the GPS display (on two Garmin models) is the following jammed together at the bottom of the display via scrolling down or tapping More:

Street parking or parking lot.608.242.1800

What do I need to do in EPE and how will it look as a CSV line to get this more desirable result on the GPS device (or without the phone number as it already appears above the Comment line):

Street parking or parking lot.


At the top of the display, I do see what I desire which is:

Tex Tubb's Taco Palace
2009 Atwood Ave,Madison,WI,,USA

Thanks in advance.

view in notepad

After creating the file in EPE, view it in Notepad to see what the entire POI text string looks like. If there are two phone numbers or two addresses, edit the file in EPE to make the extra stuff go away.

I am not familiar with EPE, but the Comment may be the problem.

There are limits to the length of the text string in Garmin. The extra length will just be cut off on loading it. I forget what the exact limit is.

Take a look at other POI files on this site, such as red light cameras, and you will see quotes before and after a text string in addition to a comma in between. The lat/lon does not get quotes.

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Using EPE

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POI Loader Help

This is an excerpt from POI Loader Help inside POI Loader, not from the website:

Creating .CSV Files

POI Loader accepts .csv files that contain longitude, latitude, speed alert information, and optional comments. You can create .csv files using a text editor, MS Excel, or a similar program.

POI Loader assumes a .csv file utilizes the following format for each POI (brackets [ ] denote optional text):

,,["][@]["],["] [comment]["]

Longitude and latitude must appear in WGS84 decimal degrees format (ddd.ddddd; negative numbers indicate West and South).

If you include quotes around the name or comment, you can include line breaks in the text.

The following are examples of Custom POIs in the proper format:



-94.74240,38.81952,Heritage Park,Perfect site for a picnic

-94.76416,38.81227,Garmin,"1200 E. 151st Street

Olathe,KS 66062

The key sentence above is this:

If you include quotes around the name or comment, you can include line breaks in the text.

To enter a line break in Excel:

1. Double-click the cell in which you want to insert a line break

2. Click the location where you want to break the line.

3. Press ALT+ENTER to insert the line break.

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