iOS 13.1.3 Released


Offered last week, and I downloaded it to my iPhone 8+.

I don't really see any difference, which may be a good thing.

- Tom -

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iOS 13.2 released today...

I updated my iPhone X this afternoon with no apparent problems yet.

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iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2

Smooth updates to 13.2

iPhone XR, 6th gen iPad, Apple TV 4K, check.

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iPhone 8 Plus

Upgraded to iPhone 8 Plus to 13.2 OTA without any issues.

Thanks for the head up

Just started to update


13.2 fixed a Bluetooth issue I was having with my iPhone 11. Prior to 13.2, the phone would not maintain the connection with the car radio. It now works as it should following the update.