Garmin poi loader for macbook


Today Mac Catalina is out. Garmin poi loader is a 32-bit app, which will not work once I update MacBook. I weekly download and install the Red light cameras.
Will there be a way to get the POI factory files converted for my MacBook since this happened?
Thanks for looking

Catalina is downloading now,

Catalina is downloading now, so I can't check. I think POI loader just got updated to 64 bit.

Edit: Yes, I'll refer you to a previous thread.

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POI loader

Thanks for the information. I downloaded to MacBook now app says it is 64 bit.
I will wait a day or so to update Macbook.

All Is Good

The only thing that has been obsoleted is the antique Garmin WebUpdater. Garmin WebUpdater hasn't been useful in years. All other apps seem to be just fine with Catalina.

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Thanks for Mac Update Info

Thanks for us Mac users.