Anyone here build miniITX PCs?


Was wondering what everyone’s mini ITX builds were. I am thinking about a 9900k build with a 5700XT. This will be meant for the living room where I need freesync over HDMI to my Samsung freesync TV.

I already have a 9900k build in a mATX case but want something smaller for the living room.

I'm Also Looking for a Mini. But Mini PC Though.

I've thought about building a Mini ITX system, but decided to just get a Mini PC. Something like an Intel NUC, or at least about that size. I haven't decided yet.

I bought my wife an i7 Intel NUC a year ago to use as a replacement to the old much larger tower PC she used to use. She quickly got used to it, and with the speed of the M.2 SATA and 2.5" SSD, hasn't complained.

I currently use the built-in WiFi on the Smart TV in the living room, so that gets the movies or music from my NAS drive, and anything else is streamed.

Of course, depending on what you want to do with it; gaming and the like will require the Mini ITX build you're looking at. I like the Ryzen boards out now, so think that would be a good choice.

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Single boards computers?

You didn't specified what will be intended use for this computer. If not for heavy gaming you may look into single board computers, like for example Raspberry Pi or similar models. They are really tiny but powerful machines for entertainment or similar usage. And prices are low comparing to "regular" computers.

Raspberry Pi Option

While a Raspberry pi SBC is good for simple computing (they were "invented" to provide a low cost teaching computer to teach kids how to program), I don't think the graphics on them are anywhere near powerful enough for the AMD freesync requirements.

I do like the Raspberry Pi for several things though, with the newest 4GB 4B model as the newest toy to test programming on...

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Never built one myself

But a good site to check out for ideas if you haven't already is PC Part Picker.

Im looking for a heavy

Im looking for a heavy gaming use case.