DriveSmart 51 won't turn on


I've inherited a DriveSmart 51 that won't turn on. I've charged it for 48 hours, it doesn't look abused, and I haven't attempted to open it up yet.

Has anyone experienced this problem before and have a solution? Thanks.

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You might try this...

Thanks for the tip but...

it didn't work for me. I've now used two different car charger cords and two different USB/110v cords and still nothing. I can't take it apart just yet because it has torx-type 6-point screws in the back and I don't know what would find inside even if I did open it up.

NEOhioGuy - Garmin 2639, MIO Knight Rider

I know this is in the video,

I know this is in the video, but it says hold the ON button for 15 seconds, but try and hold it FOR EVA! I mean like a minute or so. Watch the screen. If it flashes on briefly and goes blank again, it's a very good indicator that the battery is probably dead and won't take a charge. In which case, you will need to replace it.

There are a couple of good videos online on how to change the battery.

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Opening Drivesmart 51

This video will show you what to expect when you open it up:

I suggest you start by just disconnecting and reconnecting the battery from the system board to see if that will reset the device.

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When was it working last?

Was it working before you inherited it? Possibly it died and someone passed a broken unit to you.

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