3 In 1 Chromebook That Works As Android Tablet With GPS


I know that 3 in 1 computers exist. I would like to find a 3 in 1 Chromebook, that has a built in GPS receiver, that will also work as an Android tablet. Do they exist?

I recall reading that you can install Android apps on some Chromebooks, so I guess what it boils down to is if there are ANY 3 in 1 Chromebooks that have an internal GPS receiver?

I am not aware of any

I am not aware of any Chromebooks that have consumer accessible GPS's, but don't know. It would not surprise me if they were all equipped with non-accessible ones for tracking to go with their user data collection used to improve your experience.

3 In 1 Chromebook That Works As Android Tablet With GPS

I am still casually looking, but it does, indeed, look like none of the Chromebooks I have been so far have GPS receivers aboard. And, actually, that sort of makes sense since they are designed to be used with the web.

It could well be that my best or closest option would be to get whatever Android tablet, get a tablet keyboard and settle for an "Android tablet." I think most Android tablets have GPS receivers and for what I typically do, that might just work well enough for me.