GARMIN DEZL 560 LMT GPS for trucks POI


Ok i have seen the post about "Weigh Station POI" but it does not cover what if you dont get the option to pop up in the menu to turn it on or off

This option is visible only if you have proximity points or safety cameras loaded on your device. Proximity points include custom POIs and safety camera databases.

I do but its still not sowing up the option.

obviously i'm missing something

Thanks for any help

Not sure exactly what the issue is but as far as showing up...

When you downloaded the file onto your computer did place it in a file and have an icon (with the exact same name as the weigh station file) in there as well before loading onto your Dezl? When you load the file containing both the poi file and the icon onto your Dezl you should see the icon indicating weigh station on the screen. I have a Dezl 770 and while I don't use this file I use Redlight and Speed cameras POI files with proximity alerts and they work fine on mine.