Garmin Asking Alexa for Help


That might just get me to

That might just get me to STOP using Garmin....

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.


KenSny wrote:

That might just get me to STOP using Garmin....

Isn't using a DriveSmart 65 still using a Garmin?

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Too Late

Just sold my Drivesmart 50LMT and bought a Drivesmart 55 the other day. Oh well, the 65 is too big for what I need anyways.

Garmin is late.

As much as I'd like to see Garmin Succeed, this won't do it. Garmin has always focused on its hardware and ignored the software side This has come back to bite them as their devices now do one thing, but only if you know the archaic input for setting a destination or route.

Alexa to the rescue? I doubt it. Garmin could still come up with the complete motorcycle navigation infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, packaged with navigation in a waterproof package. They won't.

I have already updated all my cars to have touchscreen infotainment and navigation, while the Garmin now sits on a shelf in the garage. I think the automotive application for Garmin has already sailed by.


Totally agree. It's just a matter of time when Garmin stand alone GPS units will go the way of the dinosaur. The Drivesmart 55 will be the last Garmin that I buy. I was thinking about buying the BC 40 to go with the 55 but, not so sure now. Garmin sure didn't put much thought in it as far as securing the device.


Sorry to say, I haven't had my Garmin out of the storage case since last August. That's when I bought a new truck with a 12 inch screen, which of course has navigation, traffic and POIs.

Not for me

For the same reason I don't have any smart(?) gadgets in my home, I don't want them in my car. I will continue to find things online myself, play my music myself, do all the things I have been doing my entire life myself, myself. This includes (at least as far as I am aware) keeping my private conversations to myself.

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