Contributors Of The Week 2019-05-20


This week we're recognizing JanJ and John from PA, with an honorable mention going to Phranc.

JanJ has been with POI Factory for 10 years.
John from PA has been a member for 5 years.
Phranc has been a member for nearly 12 years.

The three of them quickly worked through an IOS issue in the Mac Topics discussion forum.

Thanks to all three for your contributions to our community!


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Congrat's JanJ, John from PA and Phranc

Three great choices for the COW! Enjoy your week in the spotlight.

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Thanks Guys!

I appreciate your contributions to the forum! Please keep up the good work and enjoy your well deserved C.O.W. !!

Congratulations to you three

Thank you for your work.

Congratulations to You All!

Thanks for your great work. Enjoy your reward!

CongratsToAll Three

Thanks for the help and enjoy the week

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

hip hip x3

hip hip x3

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Great group

Thanks to JanJ, John from PA and Phranc.
Very great group.
Nice work, as always. Thanks for being here.

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Virginia Wins

Lacrosse national championship today.

Congrats to three people...

...who makes the POI Factory great. Enjoy your week out in the pasture.

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Hawk - Nuvi 1450

Congrats & Thanks

Congrats and thanks for your valuable contributions.


Congratulations to all!

thanks for all your

thanks for all your hardwork, much appreciated.

Congratulations to all 3 of

Congratulations to all 3 of you. Well deserved


Keep up the good work!!!!


Congrats to you guys and enjoy the week!

Congratulations....JanJ & John from PA & Phranc

A! Hope everyone enjoys their time in the pasture smile

Congrats & Thank You

to JanJ & John from PA & to Phranc for all their contributions to the POI Factory.


Congratulations To The Three Of You!

We appreciate all your contributions to these forums. Enjoy your week of recognition.


Congratulations to each of you on your contributions to POI Factory.

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Congrat's JanJ, John from PA and Phranc

Enjoy your week in the pasture.

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Congrats to all!

Copgrats to JanJ, John from PA, and Phranc!

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Enjoy your respective week as COW!!

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Congrats JanJ and John from PA and phranc

A herd of COWs! Enjoy!!

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Thanks for all
the help!

Congrats JanJ, John from PA and Phranc!

Thank you all for your contributions and kudos on your awards! smile

Wow! Three of you!

Congratulations to Jan j, and John from PA. Here's hoping you both enjoyed your well deserved week in the pasture.
Phranc, congrat's to you too. Thanks for throwing your 2¢ worth in there.


Congrats all!

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Thanks, Angela. And thanks

Thanks, Angela. And thanks to the Group. I'm happy to give back what I get from all you guys.

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Congrats, and...

thanks for your efforts.

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