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I love this site! Just got a Garmin Zumo and I am loading a bunch of custom POI files.

Has anyone done anything with any state historic markers? Here in Wisconsin I love to stop when I drive by a historical marker. That would be an awesome POI file!


Wisconsin (or other states) Historical Markers

I just signed up today, and my first thought was to search for Historical Markers of Wisconsin. I have stopped and photographed them, sometimes going off route, just to see one.

There is an older book, which most libraries have, and it's organized by locations / highways. I think they have added new markers since it was published in the 70s.

Here's a link of interest, which has a pdf listed.


There are more than 470 official state markers in Wisconsin that carry approved historical inscriptions commemorating sites, individuals, buildings, or events of local, state, or national significance.

Then there is a newer book, which I haven't seen yet. $12.95 Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

published by the WHS Press called History Just Ahead: A Guide to Wisconsin's Historical Markers, edited by Sarah Davis McBride (who served as the state's historical markers program coordinator)

What I always wanted to do, was write a guide like this. (obviously it's been done at least twice already) smile And take photos of every one of the sites, as I visit them.

Meanwhile, working on a POI file sounds like interesting Winter entertainment in Wisconsin. Maybe we can get some people together and divide up the state to make the entry easier.

Another reason I came to this forum was so I could learn how to create POI files. So I'm a raw beginner but do have some experience with CSV files and excel, so at least I won't be stumped about everything!

I wish there was a URL command for links. If there is, it's not listed?

Preparing to be a POI road warrior. ;)

Historical Markers

Do a search on this site for Historical Markers, There are a few threads with other members involved in making poi files. Maybe you can help them.

Historical Markers

ralphy1 wrote:

Do a search on this site for Historical Markers, There are a few threads with other members involved in making poi files. Maybe you can help them.

That's how I found this one, but I was specific and included Wisconsin. grin

More likely, what they wrote will help me!

With more time and reading, I should be enjoying the POI files and making some for others to do the same. It sounds like an entertaining past time.

What got me started, is even stranger. It's a matter of time syncing a GPS to my digital camera, exporting the GPS data and merging it with the camera files. After that I can make Google maps, which will show, where the photo was taken, along with a thumbnail.

That led back to the "when I'm retired and buy a small camper..." wink project of visiting and photographing every Historical Marker in the state of Wisconsin.

Of course in order to do that, I'd have to have one wacky, cluttered case of paper maps, or use the GPS to direct me to each one of them. Some are way off the main roads.

So in the end, the POI file, leads me to the places to photograph, and the GPS also pinpoints the locations for geomapping, and the trips will confirm the POI files accuracy.

I'm way ahead of myself and this won't start, on the road, until April or May of 2008. First step is the first POI files dedicated to Historic Sites and Historical Markers of Wisconsin.

Preparing to be a POI road warrior. ;)

Here is a link that I frequently use for California



I'm sure a Google search for other states would find similar linkis

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