Garmin BC 40 Wireless Backup Camera


I’ve used the BC-40 with my DriveSmart 65 for about six weeks, and it has worked perfectly until yesterday. After troubleshooting and talking with Garmin Support, it has been determined that the unit has failed and Garmin is sending a complete replacement. I’ll detail the symptoms and troubleshooting steps in hopes that it will help others who may have problems.

The DS 65 is connected to an ignition activated circuit, and the camera normally comes on when the ignition is switched on.

Initial Symptom
On startup the display would become dim, then bright, then dim, and finally normally bright. Then the unit functioned normally.

Final Symptom
On startup, lines would appear across the screen and the the display would become normal and the unit worked normally.

No action of an kind from the BC-40. The DS-65 couldn’t find it and finally reported that fact. It suggested to replace the batteries and/or try to re-pair the DS-65 to a new BC-40.

I tried all of those suggestions and all troubleshooting suggestions in the manual. Nothing helped.

Garmin Support was very helpful, and their final step was to try to re-pair the unit and observe if the blue LED came on while trying to pair the units. It did not, and Garmin concluded that the BC-40 needed to be replaced.

They emailed me an address label that I used to return the BC-40, and they will send me a new BC-40 when they are back in stock May, 19.

I consider this to be exceptional service from Garmin.