Took my GPS for a drive around England


I just got back from England where I used by DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S in a rental car. Before going I added a Garmin City Navigator Europe/UK microSD card for the data. I located all the towns, attractions, and B&Bs I was going to stay in advance and Saved their locations.

I picked up the car from Enterprise in Oxford. It was a 2018 Hyundai Ionic. It had Apple CarPlay, which I used but I also kept the Garmin attached to the windshield (or windscreen as they say there). It was a good thing I did because several times the CarPlay just quit working (I was able to fix the problem by deleting MLB app--thanks Google search) and other times the cell connection was poor in some of the more rural places I visited. The Garmin was not bothered by such things and kept me in the right direction.

Comparing the Garmin, Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze while driving I ended up keeping the Apple Maps and Garmin going simultaneously. By having both I could keep a more aerial view on the car display and routing on the Garmin.

Even though I use CarPlay navigation now at home this was a good example of the benefits of a standalone personal GPS device.

Brent - DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S

drive on the other side of the road

It is difficult enough to drive on the wrong (other) side of the road without both the Garmin and Apple Maps running!

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Thanks for the report. When in Ireland I used HereWeGo app on phone. It has very good offline guidance, as long as maps pre-downloaded. Google Maps also lets you download maps in advance for offline navigation by phone.


Sounds as if you had a great trip. Enjoy the memories.

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I was just wondering

How does Waze in England compare to Waze here? For instance, do the British comment on road conditions and police presence like we do here in the States? Just curious!

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US vs UK Waze

maddog67 wrote:

How does Waze in England compare to Waze here? For instance, do the British comment on road conditions and police presence like we do here in the States? Just curious!

On CarPlay it is mostly the same but there seemed to be much less user data on police and construction activity. I drove hundreds of miles on the Motorways (equivalent to our Interstate highways with limited access) and did not see any police timing cars. They use speed cameras that clock average speed between two points but they are marked. It was up to date on local speed limits. The few police warnings I did see ended up not being there when I got the spot. I did see police speeding to other places but only one car stopped by police on the road. Generally the British are very good drivers on the motorways, staying to the left except when passing. They stick mostly to the speed limit (due the cameras and high fines) but there were still lots going faster than the 70 mph limit. The biggest issue is the high speeds permitted on back roads. They routinely had 60 mph limits on roads that would be 35 or 40 in the US. That was a little frightening and I pulled over frequently to let others go by.

After trying Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps on CarPlay I settled on Apple Maps as it was best at showing what lanes to be in when approaching navigation points. In the US I tend to use Waze more for its police warnings.

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