Destinations From POIs


Is there a way to set a destination from Points Of Interest?
For instance if I call up Best Western Hotels if will give me several screens of them that are close to my present location.
What I need is one several states away. I know I can enter another state and address to do this but would like to do this from within the opened POI. Is this possible. Using a Garmin 255W.

Where To?

I'm doing this from memory as my nuvi isn't at hand. When you select Where To? or whatever it says on yours, in the upper right there is a button that allows you where to search. Some models have this button on the bottom and says Near.. Yours should have a button like that. I often use along my route, but in your case you want to select Different City. Then input the name of the city you want then go back and select your Best Western POI file. It will then display a list of those starting the with one closest to the city you entered. Once you select the one you want, select Go and a route from your location to that POI will be generated for you.

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Your are the Man. That is

Your are the Man. That is what I needed. On mine it is at the bottom-"Near". Thanks again.

For TXRVer

TXRVer wrote:

I'm doing this from memory as my nuvi isn't at hand...

TXRVer, I left a email to you through the Contact button on your account three days ago for a POI file update that you maintain. If you didn't get it, can you check your email's spam folder to see if it's there? Thanks.