USB connection trouble with Macbook and Nuvi 2797LMT


Hello all,

I have 2 2797LMT's for rally GPS's. Two years ago they seemed to work fine and connect reliably to my Macbook air 13 running OS X El capitan.

I recently charged and fired them up hoping to update maps so I updated my primary GPS and the update had some hiccups (claimed to be out of space) but after restarting a few times it cleared up and appears to have updated.

Expres is
Basecamp is 4.7.0
Mac OSX is 10.11.6
Maps are 2020.1
Nuvi is 5.40

Now I am having terrible troubles getting the Macbook to recognize the GPS as a mounted drive. I have tried every combination of OEM Garmin cable, aftermarket cable, 2 different macbook airs (one 11" and one 13"), pram resets, SMC resets, reboots and replug-ins of the GPS 100s of times.

It appears to connect at times and not at others. The biggest challenge if I get it to connect is that if I eject it it will not reconnect reliably afterwards.

The device is set to Mass Storage Mode. The cable doesn't seem to matter but I am testing with a factory Garmin USB (stamped Garmin on the big end) and an aftermarket cable and I've had equal rates of success and failure with both cables.

I've done some research on kernel extensions (kext) but it is honestly above my expertise.

It sure seems like some type of conflict between the GPS and Mac OS recognizing the internal memory in the GPS as a drive.

As a last ditch effort I've ordered 2 new micro USB cables direct from Garmin just to eliminate that.

Going to try Garmin support after I test with my new cables.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

more info

During some of my trouble shooting with both GPS's it seems like the screen that shows a gray computer tower stays bright when first plugged in. If I manage to get a successful connection the screen dims and then about 3 seconds late the drive icons mount on the desktop.

Same behavior and troubles with the 2 2797's, one updated, one in the same state it was 2 years ago. Two Macbook airs, one in the same state it was 2 years ago and one updated but both running Yosemite.

Are the GPSs fully charged?

Are the GPSs fully charged?
Are you powering off the units completely, not going into sleep mode, between tests. The battery will not last more than an hour or so if not plugged in and charging.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

what happens if you plug a

what happens if you plug a USB drive into the Mac?


I have had similar issues with similar devices and it usually ends up being the cord. Sometimes I have been able to successfully connect by switching to a different USB port. And sometimes it may take 2 or 3 tries before the GPS will mount even with a new cord.

I have fully charged the

I have fully charged the gps. There doesn't seem to be a correlation between charge state and ability to connect (unless of course the charge is ultra low and it won't even power on)

USB drive mounts and upon

USB drive mounts and upon ejection, mounts again on a second attempt.

I will try the new cords

I will try the new cords when they come in from Garmin. The behavior is so random I am actually hoping that is the true fix, but doubtful at the same time.

New Garmin cords did not help.

Well the 2 new cords from Garmin didn't seem to make a difference.

Still no rhyme or reason why the GPS mounts or doesn't.

MTP or mass storage seems to make no difference, clean install of GE no help.

Seems like the GPS has a mind of its own and connects when it wants to. Even more frustrating the behavior is the same across 2 different GPS units and two different Macbook airs.

I'm stumped.

Garmin drivers?

Do you have to install Garmins "Communicator Plugin for Mac" so computer will recognize GPS as drive? If so try to uninstall it and install again. It may be something software related in drivers included with this software.

You can try to connect GPS to Windows computer. If it will work fine it may be some problem with Mac version of drivers. If not, it may suggest some problems with GPS itself.

Apple products.

Over the years Apple has been so non-innovative that it's really starting to show in the complacency of its products.

Sounds familiar

That's the same symptoms I had, and it turned out to be bad cables. I have four Garmin USB cables and only one is any good.

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