Google Maps ‘commute’ feature is now rolling out to Android and iPhone

Earlier this week, Google announced a significant redesign for Google Maps, the introduction of a new Commute tab that would combine the functionalities of the previous Drive and Transit tabs. The change is meant to improve the overall commute experience, shorten commute times, and add a new music streaming feature. The update is now rolling out to both Android and iPhone users.

Per Android Police, the Commute tab has begun showing up via a server-side update, which means you should see the new features on Android soon. 9to5Google reports that iPhone users have also started noticing the new functionality.

The Commute tab will deliver several smart features, including notifications about delays and disruptions, alternative route suggestions, travel times regardless of commute type or transport combinations, traffic information, departure times, and even real-time bus and train location on the map. In some markets, the data will also include details about bus or train occupancy.

The Android version will get real-time notifications about delays and disruptions, Google explained earlier this week, so you know about an incident before getting caught in it.

In addition to the Commute tab, Google Maps now supports music streaming from a variety of sources, including Google Play Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. That means you get music playback controls for your favorite music streaming service right inside of Maps.

The best chance of getting access to the new features is rocking the latest version of Google Maps on Android and iPhone, although it’s up to Google to make the update available in your market. If it still doesn’t show up on your phone, you have to wait for the rollout to reach your area.