I laughed so hard.....


I took my monthly trip to Louisiana to do some gambling, and I went a different way this time. I was traveling down I-20 near Marshall, Texas and out in the middle of nowhere I hear a voice saying "I-Hop Restaurant Ahead"! I almost drove off the road, because there was NOTHING near my location.
I just investigated using Google Earth on the address for the restaurant, and sure enough, it was nowhere near the actual location of the place. I'm not sure if I-Hop has listed their address wrong, or what has happened, but I did find the actual location of the restaurant.


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I also had an amusing thing

I also had an amusing thing happen the other day, I was in a nearby town and did a search for liquor stores, one of the results was "Big Al's Package store " a couple of miles away. I decided to check this out and ended up in a residential subdivision on a dead end street at the proper address with no Big Al's in sight. I started thinking about how something like this could happen as I'm reasonably sure there was never a "Big Al's" in that town and certainly not on that street.


It happens....

I live on a very short street in my town. You know the kind of street where you can see from one end to the other.

My NUVI tells me that I have a gas station at the end of my street - not true. and I've lived here for over 30 years now.

Funny thing is, it doesn't see the same (chain) gas station that I use on a regular basis, that's been in place for over 15 years now.

That being said, my NUVI has never gotten lost, and I forgive it for these small discrepancies.

IHOP file updated

Thanks for the feedback. The IHOP file has been updated with your information included.


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You think you laughed hard...

I was driving in the upper peninsula of Michigan last week, when my GPS informed me "Jimmy Hoffa's grave ahead." It was obvious that my brother in law made some adjustments to my Nuvi, when he used it a few weeks ago. The warning was in his voice. I owe him big time...

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