recommendation for best device for POI's


Looking for device thats easy to use and can store a large amount of POI's. just want to use for POI's. dont plan on using as GPS just looking for sightseeing/unique POI's in local areas as we travel through.


Are you wanting a device with pre-loaded POI's? Or a device you can store custom POI's from POI Factory and elsewhere? Or both?

In any of these cases, probably a Garmin device is you best answer. If it is the pre-loaded / built in POI's you are most intersted in, the main thing is to keep the map updated. And, you might want to consider a Garmin that has the FourSquare data base included, like the DriveSmart.

If your main interest is in loading custom POI's, any Garmin road navigation device will do. Even the older devices can be loaded with tens of thousands of custom POI's using POILoader.

I guess one question I would have is if you just want to be able to search for sightseeing opportunities, why not just use your computer or smartphone?

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Phone v Garmin

Almost always you have satellite but some time you dont have cell or wifi.
That was my problen in deciding to take a Garmin with downloaded POIs.

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Device for custom POIs from POI Factory

The best device for storing POIs available for download from POI Factory is any Garmin road GPS. There is a place in the GPS software that displays these POIs in a list based on the nearest ones first.

It can display "All POIs" or "Categories" such as restaurants or tourist destinations, for example. You create the categories when loading the POI files into the GPS. There can be a large number of categories.

If you see a POI that interests you, click on it to navigate to that location. The GPS will display how far away the POI is and the expected drive time.

It does not matter what GPS is chosen because they all can contain many tens of thousands of POIs. This is mainly because the POI files are just text strings and the data takes up little space. We have never heard from anyone who found the limit for the number of POIs that can be loaded.

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You have to use the map of the GPS to get to any POI's, regardless whether the ones from Garmin or the POIfactory POI's.

They do not display any other way. Of course someone may prove me wrong though.

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Chances are it will be a GPS device

You need to know where you are to know what's around you and any device that can do that will more than likely also navigate for you as any GPSr device will do. So, that being said, I would just aim for a GPS receiver and go from there. Also once you find what's near, you're going to need to navigate to it, unless you WANT to grab an atlas and do it yourself...

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Any Garmin GPS

Ferg00 wrote:

Looking for device thats easy to use and can store a large amount of POI's. just want to use for POI's. dont plan on using as GPS just looking for sightseeing/unique POI's in local areas as we travel through.

Just about any Garmin GPS will work easily with a huge number of POI's. There are many experts here who can help if you have specific questions on how to load files into the GPS.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say you don't plan on using as a GPS. You need GPS functionality to navigate to a POI once you've identified one you want to see.


You posted you did not want to use a GPS, but as others suggested it does do the job.

Most everyone now has some type of Tablet that has gps capabilities. If you have android try this suggestion. Download the POI Loader app . It allows you to Import, Export, View, Edit and Delete POI’s and POI files on Google Maps .Depending on version it allows use mbtiles files for offline maps.

Another suggestion download Here We Go Offline maps on Android Tablet .Then once you enter the location you may want to explore.Type in what attraction you are looking for. No data or wifi required.

Have not tried this app but may be one to look at.

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it's not that i dont want to

it's not that i dont want to use a GPS, i plan on using Rvtripwizard and Copilot on my laptop. i would just like to use a second device to just search or see the most POI's as were traveling. So what ever way is best for POI's

I use

My laptop is a gps, arent they all now,
I bougth two toshiba things years ago, They are computer, tablet, gps, phone, touchscreen, all kinds of stuff I don't use
they have gps in them, I have the tomtom license embedded and use tomtom home to simulate the gps, and bluetooth to the cars when the routes are planned, gps has street maps of the world, duplicated on the pc,

If only ..