John McCain


Regardless of Party affiliation (or none, if you're like me), let's pause a moment, think of John McCain and all he's done for the country, and offer condolences to his family and friends.

I saw him only once, at a Memorial Day ceremony in Flagstaff AZ.

Although I doubt this needs to be written, let's honor him by keeping this discussion positive.

A True American Hero

He will be sorely missed.

John McCain

May he Rest In Peace.

John McCain, Iconic American Hero

We have lost one of the few current politicians who was always willing to put conscience and country above raw party loyalty. I miss him already.

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Truth as he saw it

You could count on John to say what he thought, not what he thought you wanted him to say, or what was convenient to the time and place.

That I value very highly.

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Imagine that.

John's mother, Roberta McCain, still living a 106!

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A true hero

The loss of a good man and American hero

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things!


One tough son of a gun..........really a patriot and hero.

Just Watched

him in interviews on 60 Minutes.
We need more politicians like him on the Hill.


A Sad Day

I was very sorry to hear of his passing.

A Patriot and a Hero RIP

John McCain was a true patriot and a hero. May he Rest in Peace.

excellent role model

I'm sad to lose an honest patriot with integrity...and even sadder to realize those qualities make him a political anomaly. I did not agree with some of his positions but respected him and his honesty and integrity as well as his concern for others. He will be missed...Rest in Peace..I hope we can follow his example.

Not many like him anymore.

He served his country.
POW in Vietnam for 5-6 years.
Naval officer until leaving as a Captain.
Conservative Republican for decades.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

A Real American

Rest in Peace


consider him a hero and may he rest in peace.

My Hero

He was my Vietnam vet hero. Rest in peace Mr McCain.

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Thank you.

Thank you for everything. Will be missed.


Sometimes I agreed with him, sometimes I disagreed with him, but I never felt that he tried to benefit himself at the expense of the country.

- Tom -

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Mr McCain

He will be missed & what this country needs is alot like him.

Rest In Peace Senator

Being a Vietnam war veteran myself, I have nothing but admiration
for all he sacrificed while defending his country.
He was highly respected by all parties in the political arena.
His loss of life will be a loss to us all.

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