Road trip from Toronto to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI


Hello friends, I am planning a road trip from Toronto to Eastern Canada with family for about 10 days. I will appreciate you input if you have done it before. The following points of interests I have gathered from the internet. Based on these attractions I would request your advice on how I should plan it:

Places to visit:
John's famous Reversing Falls
Bay of Fundy
Hopewell Rocks
The Fundy Trail Parkway - from St.Martins - also fnd two covered bridges.
Whale Watching from St. Andrews-by-the-Sea
Reversing Falls Bridge
Skywalk Saint John
Grand Manan Island
Magnetic Hill - Moncton
Citadel - Halifax
Peggy's cove - Halifax
Halifax Harbour Ferry - Once in Dartmouth, be sure to head to Two If By Sea for giant croissants and locally roasted coffee.
Pier 21
Halifax Waterfront

Three of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Brunswick are near Alma, a village within the park: Dickson Falls; Laverty Falls; and Third Vault Falls, the tallest at 16 meters.

Thanks in advance four advice.

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Long Trip

It's been a long time since I did that trip, but I kinda remember 2 days maybe 3 each direction just to get there.

That leaves you 6 days or less in the province. Don't try to over do it.


Canada Trip

It has been a while since we made the road trip from VA to Canada. It was back in 2004.We have been to some of the locations you have listed. All I can say is it was just beautiful there.

Didn't have a GPS then so it was all map. I researched the areas we plan to visit on the internet. Using a bus tour I found on line as a guide. Here is a link to the pictures I had taken. Maybe you can view them and it will give you some ideas. Then just get the coordinates and lay it all out.!AidKpdLEa3PbpwCh9hj5dxXV8ECe

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Sounds like a wonderful

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I am hoping to do something like that in the next few years.

We did this last year

Fortunately we are retired and traveling by RV afforded us a lot of time to soak in a lot of things. Two that were very memorable to me:

Lunenburg NS
The Bluenose II sailed into port while we were there and that's are really big deal for those folks. The guided tour at the museum highlighted how the cod fishing industry came to be at that port and why the English established a port with an obviously German sounding name and what the fishermen had to endure to bring in the catch and how many had lost their lives in doing so. The story of how the Bluenose became famous and a Canadian icon was all based here. Lunenburg is also close to the village of Mahone Bay which is famous for the picturesque three churches. The bay itself is the location of Oak Island that has many wondering if those guys are ever going to find anything of value or significance.

Grand-Pré NS
This is a place that doesn't make the mainstream news, but is a place of great significance in Canadian history. As an American, I only vaguely knew that our Cajuns came from Nova Scotia but visiting here, I learned what should never have happened.

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Charlesd45, thanks for

Charlesd45, thanks for sharing your trip pictures. Amazing pictures which gave me a virtual tour.. Thanks again for sharing these pictures.. These pictures gave me very good idea about what to see there...

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Have a nice trip

Glad to help. The people are really friendly and always ready to help. I do remember how nice the rest areas were. They always had literature for things to see in surrounding areas. Not sure now with all the internet available, but the rest stops even in places you would not suspect to find one. Had one or two computer terminals for personal use for the travelers.

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Been there, it's beautiful

We toured the Maritimes and it's a beautiful region. Here are some highpoints I can remember.

Campobello Island is like entering a postcard. It's very pretty. Tour the road that goes around the perimeter. At the very eastern tip there a light house. Spectacular views. When we were there, whales were all over the place. Can be seen heard in the distance. You can see the extreme tides here.

Basin Head Provincial Park, eastern end of PEI. We had a great time here. It's a lovely beach.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park on northern Nova Scotia is still one of my favorite places. Beautiful vistas. Very peaceful. And the biggest moose you will probably ever see. And plenty of eagles. Eagles every where. Consider the Cabot Loop tour, or something like that, go all the way to the northern tip. It's gorgeous.

La Madeline Islands are available by ferry from PEI. These islands are picturesque, so quiet and peaceful.

There's plenty of interesting history in that region. There were several historical markers at some rest areas, and the stories of the settlers and raids, and people being run out was fascinating. I learned that there used to be North Atlantic walrus in the area, but they were all devoured by the new world settlers.

Have fun, it's a beautiful region.

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Thanks all for your valuable

Thanks all for your valuable advice and comments. It is going to help us big time..

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Nova Scotia

This trip has been on my bucket list too and I have looked into setting it up some time ago. One of the hurdle that I had problem with is lodging, or rather reasonably priced lodging. Can some of you comment on how to look for reasonably prices places to stay?

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How was the trip?

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We are starting it next

We are starting it next Sunday..

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