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One of these days my old Nuvi 650 will die. In anticipation of this, I periodically review the Garmin website to review available GPS models.

One feature that I do want, is a Bluetooth enabled GPS that will "speak" through the radio of the car. The product specs simply speak of making a Bluetooth connection through a smartphone. We do not have a smartphone.

Our car (Subaru) does have a Bluetooth capability for our dumb phone to "speak" through the car radio.

Can I make the assumption that a Garmin that has a Bluetooth capability can output its voice directions through the car radio?

The Subaru that we have has two Bluetooth methods for sending output to the radio. One is the phone patch. The other (number 2) allows an Android tablet to send music to the car radio. Which method is used by Garming to send voice directions to the car radio?

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Steve R. wrote:

...Can I make the assumption that a Garmin that has a Bluetooth capability can output its voice directions through the car radio?

Garmin has discontinued the FM transmitter and the headphone jack that were in some of the old nuvi models. I think in the nuvi line there was only one model series (maybe the 7x0 series?) that could output audio via the Bluetooth interface. I think some of the zumo models can still do the Bluetooth audio.

The bluetooth feature in the Drive series is only for phone interface (making and receiving calls) and for the Smartphone Link app. It does not support audio output.

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Disappointing. The Nuvi 650

Disappointing. The Nuvi 650 speaker is inadequate, so I was hoping with today's "superior" electronic interfaces that the new Nuvis could output to the car radio via Bluetooth. Thanks for the response.

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC

GPS over car radio

Both connections: FM transmitter and aux jack, were pretty much useless. When in use they give you two choices: ether radio was used as speaker for GPS or you switch to music and had no directions spoken. Switching radio to "speaker" mode may work when driving in city and turns are happening often. Otherwise you have just humming of static from radio until next info from GPS.

Connection to radio over BT probably will bring this same problem. BT connections with phones allows GPS to read phone book and make calls through phone. Newer models can use phone to access internet data (as traffic).

As to what exactly can be transmitted between GPS and radio over BT, best solution is to ask Garmin about specific model. Lately priority is to allow GPS internet access, so connections are made to smartphone. Connecting to radio may work as well, but may not be listed future.

edit the proximity alert sound

Although the nuvi 650 speaker is inadequate, there is another way to increase the volume of the audio for proximity alerts. Edit the mp3 or wav file for a higher volume. There are websites where sound files can be edited. I do not recall which one I used.

This will not increase the volume for navigation.

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Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the comments.

Garmin Nuvi650 - Morehead City, NC