Smartphone Mount Compatible With Garmin 17 MM Ball


I am considering a smartphone mount for my Motorola Droid Turbo 2. Are there any that work with the Garmin 17mm ball?

I use this mount for my Note

I use this mount for my Note 4:

I have been very happy with this mount. I have taken it apart and put the clip on the sandbag mount.

Try These

I much prefer the RAM mounting system over Garmin.

Since I switch phones often, I gave up buying cradles that are specific to individual models and opted for this magnetic mount. You just slide a thin piece of metal between the phone and it's protective case and it sticks to the mount like glue.

The magnetic smartphone mount is compatible with all the RAM vehicle mounts. I prefer the bean bag.

There is also a universal "X Grip" suction cup model:

It can also be converted to a friction mount by adding this product:

If you want to use an existing Garmin G ball (17mm) suction cup or other Garmin mount, you can get an adapter which will convert it to the RAM mount system.