Garmin RV 660LMT.... tracking?


I recently purchased a RV 660LMT as an aid to my RV travels. My plan is/was to use it in my tow vehicle as a car when not in the RV mode. However my tow vehicle, a 4x4 F150, also sees duty off road and often on unmaped Forrest service roads. When exploring in the past, I have used my Zumo 660LM in track mode, saving the track at days end.

I have not found a tracking mode available in the RV 660LMT or am I missing something? I suppose I could keep both GPS onboard but dash space is limited.

Will a RV 660LMT record tracks?

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Is there

Is there a Setting on you RV660 called Device? If so tap Settings > Device > Travel History. That will turn on the trip log which maybe what your looking for.

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where I have been button

t923347 wrote:

Is there a Setting on you RV660 called Device? If so tap Settings > Device > Travel History. That will turn on the trip log which maybe what your looking for.

Under "apps" there is a "where I have been" button, however there doesn't seem to be a way to capture the info as a route.

I'll still hunting for the trip log. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Found to see if it works.

Viewing the Trip Log
Your device keeps a trip log, which is a record of the path you
have traveled.
1 Select Settings> Map & Vehicle> Map Layers.
2 Select the Trip Log, check box.

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and there is this

Resetting Trip Information
1 From the map, select Speed.
2 Select > Reset Field(s).
3 Select an option:
• When not navigating a route, select Select All to reset every data field except the speedometer, on the first page.
•Select Reset Trip Data to reset the information on the trip
•Select Reset Max. Speed to reset the maximum speed.
•Select Reset Trip B to reset the odometer.

Still no way to save data as route sad

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Well ...

If you hook your device up to BaseCamp you should be able to view/save the trip log.

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From the manual

Settings > Map & Vehicle > Map Layers
Select the Trip Log check box.


Thanks but still no luck saving a track. I'll see the track in Where I have been" but have not been able to save it or convert it to a route (which I really don't want to anyway as something is likely to change in the process)
Asking BC or MS to receive from device will only give me wpts, routes, and tracks I have previously added in. Any tracks from "where I have been" aka "trip log" do not appear.


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From the manual

Noted in a post or three earlier.

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The RV 660LMT will track. Unlike my Zumo which allows a track to be converted into a route within the unit, one must connect the RV 660 to a computer, receive from the device, and look in active logs for the track. I know I was told to do the same earlier. I did, finding nothing but after this weekends off road trip I looked again and did find the tracks in an active log. I don't know how or why they were missing from my earlier searches.
Thanks to all. I guess I'll keep it after all.

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Whatever you do ..

Whatever you do, don't enter GVW or propane equipment in your RV660. I've found it to be such a crude hack of truck software that the routes it generates with that data entered are almost comical.

At one point in time (an update or so ago, and I haven't traveled there again since) it kept warning me that an entire state (NJ or Montana, can't remember) didn't allow propane. And there's something other than your actual GVWR that it doesn't like about bridges. Probably the propane yet again. Haven't quite figured that one out.

Nice big screen though. smile

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Propane isn't allowed in

Propane isn't allowed in nearly all the tunnels East of the Mississippi. If you are taking a route that ultimately takes you in to a tunnel, it will try to reroute you.

Don't have a clue about the GVW. I used the RV660 and a Dezl 770 with an RV, Tractor Trailer, and a charter bus. Never had any reroutes concerning GVW.

I can't answer about Montana, but there aren't any tunnels entering NJ, nor do any of the bridges have any restrictions on Propane, or weight restrictions. Not on the Interstate.

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Thanks for the propane tips

I'll probably not have to worry with filling in the propane and GVW blanks. I am on the verge of returning the RV 660LM because of my disappointment with the tracking option or rather the lack of one. Having to go to a computer at days end to d/l an active track is not always possible and it appears an active track is overridden each day.

Meanwhile my unit has a display flicker. I have have started another thread (5/16) for the screen flicker issue.

Thanks again.

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Tracks are cumulative. The

Tracks are cumulative. The unit can store around 50000 points. I used to download 30 days or more from my RV/Dezl unit.

You won't find another Garmin unit that has any different Tracking Option. You can choose to show the tracks on the display as a blue line, and form your route around them.

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Where are they stored and are they daily or some other sequential order? The last three days have, each evening shown me a track in an "active route" after a nightly d/l. However after each d/l the track from the day before had vanished. And as I noted earlier, there are times when computer is unavailable on a nightly basis, never-mind having to do it.


You won't find another Garmin unit that has any different Tracking Option

My dated but trusty Zumo 660 will and I am hoping with the addition a few very specific POI files, I can turn it into a small screen (I will certainly miss the larger screen) RV gps.

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The Tracks on the unit go

The Tracks on the unit go from the time the unit is energized until it's turned off. Each on/off cycle creates a new track.

If you want to see the bread crumb track, go to Map & Vehicle, Map Layers and check the Trip Log box. Everywhere you go will generate a blue track line.

If you want to clear all your tracks, go to Device Clear Travel History.

To see a list of Tracks by date, go to Apps>Where I've Been. Mine shows every track I have since I last cleared the History.

When you connect to BaseCamp, download the Tracks from your unit and they will always be available in Recently Read and My Collection. They do not go away until you delete them. Nor are they removed from the Unit. The only way to REMOVE the tracks is to Clear History on the Unit.

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Trip Log

"An automotive device can store 10,000 points before it begins the process of archiving additional logs. Beyond 10,000 points the device moves the oldest trip data into an internal archive file. Up to 20 archive files can be stored internally on the device. This means, depending on space available, the device can store over 200,000 points of trip data".

"Archived trip log information is not visible on the device itself, but can be used and seen with Garmin's MapSource1 or BaseCamp programs".

You may want to view these topics from Garmin.

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thanks, Charles, I was off a

thanks, Charles, I was off a bit. I forgot about the archiving.

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Yes, Trip logs ..

Yes, Trip logs (tracks) are archived and can be pulled out with BaseCamp, or via usb and directly downloaded onto a PC and/or thumb drive.

I usually backup mine every so often when I'm traveling but my whole 2 month trip from MD to AK and back fit without overwriting anything.

With a usb connection, browse to the Garmin/GPX/Archive directory on the RV660. You'll see a rackload of .gpx files starting with 1 and going up from there. These gpx files have your daily tracks in them and can be opened in BaseCamp (or a text editor if you can read xml smile).

And, I don't know if the RV660 is special by allowing more than the 20 archived files that were mentioned, but on the Alaska trip I had 1.gpx through 56.gpx, for what that's worth.

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Tracking help

Thank you Gentlemen one and all the very detailed and informative how to tracking info. I have received very similar instructions from Garmin. I am sure all the info will be of great assistance when and if I decide to get another RV specific Garmin GPS.
My unit has not responded to the info you and Garmin have provided in spite of several attempts and is being returned.
The return is because of:
1) Unable to reliably record multiple tracks - Garmin wants it back.
2) Screen flicker - Garmin wants it back.
3) GPS receiver is nowhere as reliable as my Zumo 660. Side by side trials reveal many gaps in tracks on the RV 660 as compared to the Zumo.- I don't want it.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not bashing the unit or Garmin. My previous experience Garmin products and Customer service has been great. It's just this unit does meet my needs or wants. Perhaps investing in a replacement (as offered by Garmin/Amazon) would work out but I simply do not have the time to go through the process of replacement and set up. A multi day RV trip is fast approaching and while a newer unit would be nice with all its features, I'll take my Zumo along. My Zumo 660 has a solo 48+, a solo Iron Butt Rally and a 2 up trip to Alaska from Florida to its credit with 100% reliability aboard a motorcycle and was subjected to a wide rage of harsh environments. Geesh, that seems like a lifetime ago.

Thanks again for the help.

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