Garmin 60 LMT Screen issue


I have a Garmin 60 LMT that recently started acting like someone is always touching the lower left corner of the screen. After a few minutes it will actually cancel my route. Most screen commands won't work because its acting like there is a finger on the screen already. I can use voice commands. After the screen has been on for several hours it will stop doing this. I wonder if its humidity related, it seems to happen only close to home in Houston, It seems fine in dry west Texas. Right now my unit is packed in rice seeing if desiccating it helps.

Anyone seen this? can the problem be solved or is the unit toast? its only about 18 months old

Not sure but..

I have seen my wifes phone act like someone is touching the machine. I take off the Cover, then clean the screen real good. This stops the actions for a while.

What I think is going on is the Oil/makeup/etc on the fingers staying on the screen and making contact as if someone is touching the screen..

Try cleaning the screen real good, Not sure if that will help but give it a try

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No luck

No luck, that didn't seem to help. Has anyone ever opened one up? may there is just some dust inside to blow out?

Before opening it up

I would definitely try a hard reset which might solve the problem but just be sure to back up your favorites before doing the reset.

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Hard Reset Didn't work

A hard reset did not work. I went ahead and ordered a new unit, a refurb was just $75 from Garmin on Amazon and I got the 3 year protection