Consumer Electronics Show 2018


Lets see what Garmin

Lets see what Garmin presents new in GPS devices for this year..

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I miss ... in Las Vegas, if only for the reason that I'd go to CES every year. It felt like being a kid in a toy store, a really BIG toy store.

I wish to go once

It would be nice to see new technology every year.

FCC Boss Cancels CES Appearance Due to Death Threats

FCC boss Ajit Pai has been forced to cancel a scheduled appearance at CES this week after he allegedly received death threats. Pai may just be the most-despised man on the internet after his agency ignored the public, ignored the experts, and voted to kill net neutrality rules last month at the behest of AT&T, Verizon and Comcast lobbyists. That decision has been met with a massive public backlash, given the rules had tremendous, bipartisan support among a public tired of being screwed over by entrenched telecom duopolies and revolving door regulators.

Two anonymous FCC sources tell Recode Pai was forced to cancel his CES trip that would have involved a public Q&A session.

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Podcasts and blogs

I relie on others to report on new items from CES for latest TV's, cameras, computers, and other gadgets. They do a very good job of reviewing.

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Consumer Electronics Show 2018

CNET, and others, so I nice job covering CES.

What is Garmin taking to CES?

Yawn exclaim

I was hoping they might do something like bringing back a Viago style app for Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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