Unsupervised Machine Learning Demonstrated On Quantum Computer


Rigetti, a full-stack (hardware and software) quantum computing startup from California, demonstrated that its new 19-qubit quantum computer could speed up unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
Rigetti Quantum Computing

Although it’s a relatively new entrant in the quantum computing market, Rigetti is considered one of the main players in the current quantum computing race. The company was founded in 2013 by Chad Rigetti, who previously worked on quantum computers at IBM.

The company was able to create a three-qubit chip made of aluminum circuits on a silicon wafer early in 2016. By spring 2017, Rigetti was testing eight-qubit quantum chips, and by June of this year, the company announced its Forest 1.0 cloud quantum computing platform, which allows developers to write hybrid (classical and quantum) algorithms.

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