Kaspersky Antivirus Banned From Use On US Federal Networks


President Trump signed into law a bill that bans the Kaspersky Antivirus as well as any other software made by Kaspersky Labs from use in U.S. federal departments, agencies, or organizations. The law applies to any company that is controlled by Kaspersky in any way or in which it has majority ownership.
U.S. Government Bans Kaspersky

Earlier this year, a Wall Street Journal report backed by unnamed U.S. government sources said that hackers working for the Russian government stole documents from an NSA agent. The NSA agent in question took home classified data without permission, and because she was running the Kaspersky antivirus, the report alleged that this is how Kaspersky was able to identify the NSA documents.

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Not Quite Complete

All show Trump left out an opening to this. This rule only applies to government agencies and not contractors working for the government so any contractor with this program can access government files which can be hacked by the Russians.
When the story first broke FRY's Electronics here in the west, they started to sell the program for $14.95 but after a few weeks started to give the program away for free to any customer in the stores willing to take it.

Lol I didn't hear about that

Lol I didn't hear about that with Fry's. I wonder who actually got one!

I guess it's numbered

My company is a human services company which contracts with the government. We use Kaspersky and I wonder how long it'll be before the hammer comes down... I just haven't seen any hard evidence to date of all these allegations, seems just hearsay and suspicion.