Garmin 760 camper custom POI hell


Afternoon all. I've read the letters off this forum. I can actually load custom POIs. Just as I think I've cracked it.....
What's happening exactly is :
I download the appropriate files for my POIs. In my case it's myLPGeuUK; myLPGeuF; myLPGeuE. Get the latest garmin express, POI loader and USB drivers. I delete all personal data from the 760. Go through the POI loader proceedure. I call up custom POIs on the 760 and, say, call up myLPGeuUK. call up the nearest station and a map appears with the LPG logo in view. When I go to "navigate to" I see the LPG logo in view on the route map. I try a few others and not only does the logo show but the logos of other sites along the way show. I then try a couple of other bmp's one from this site and one I made myself. In all cases they show up when I call up the "i" but not on the route map. I then keep uninstalling and reinstalling downloads and software and once or twice the logo appears along the route maps. I can see the .gpi file in explorer every time and I can see it's disappeared when told.The logo files I resize in Paint and save as .bmp 24x24 pixcels. We're travelling down the UK, through France and Spain to Costa Tropical for the winter. LPG/GPL is important to us. I've followed videos on the subject and I'm certain I've grasped the principles here but something unexpected is happening. The fact that I can pull this off periodically tells me I'm not asking for something unachievable. Probably doing something stupid more like. Regards all. P.

cracked it

I posted here in desparation. I see I don't qualify for partaking for a while yet. I just thought I'd mention that this Garmin 760 camper and its POI loading and creation is a bit like putting a central heating system in. It isn't until you've filled it up installed all the controls 100% that you'll know if it works or not.
I don't know if anyone uses myLPG POIs here but their icon is very faint as standard. I fudged up icon after icon and couldn't get them to show time after time. In the end I created an icon in GIMP and saved it via paint as a 16 colour bmp 24x24 pixcels. Deleted all personal data from the 760 and deleted my custom POIs through explorer once I could see the device in windows. I reloaded fresh latest garmin express and POI loader. REplaced the original bmp with my new brighter bitmap and renamed appropriately. Ran POI loader and even though I'd already deleted the POI files I still ran delete custom POIs. Then restarted the the 760 and my PC. Checked in explorer to establish they'd gone. The ran the loader in manual and set the distance for notification to 1200m. and pressed go. Restart everything again. and look at where to? select custom POIs into favourites and look to see if the icon appears as an example in any of the destinations. Forget trying to see the icons at this point on the route maps. Set all settings for alarms etc that you want and then get on the road. It's only at this point do you know you've truly cracked it.I'll post my brighter LPG icon if anyone wants it.
I know you all know this stuff. I'm just being courtious. regards all. P