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If anyone is in the market for a new printer, a friend of mine told me of one a while back and I finally picked one up last week. The one I picked up is the Epson ET-3750. While this particular one may not be for everyone, the ET series in particular is what's interesting. It is an inkjet BUT it doesn't use ink cartridges. It actually has ink wells. Depending on the model, they actually advertise you actually get 1 (or 2) years worth of ink with it.

The printer isn't a $50 printer. I actually think they start at around $200. The one I got is $399 (with 2 years worth of ink). Over the life of the printer, it actually saves you money in ink. If you ever do need to buy more ink, The black ink refill (good for about 1 year of printing is $19.99), the individual colors are 13.99 each or you can by the 3 pack for ($41.99) Like I said, mine came with about 2 years worth of ink so it came with 8 bottles of ink, 2 black, 2 cyan, 2 magenta, 2 yellow.

The speed is fairly quick, great print quality even on plain paper. I've already done a fair amount of printing (around 300 pages) and the ink has only fractional gone down. The ink levels are visual on the outside. You can actually see the ink tank levels (and not an approximation on a display - which it can do that to.)

Anyway, just thought I would pass this around. If anyone does a fair amount of printing and would like color, the ET series may be a very economical printer for you.

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nice design.

One of the things I like about that inking system is you can just refill the color that is low. In my HP Deskjet, I almost always run out of yellow while the cyan and magenta are still going strong. So I have to throw out a $50 cartridge that still has usable ink ... what a waste!

HP came up with the marketing model where over the life of the printer, the money is in the ink, not in the printer itself. That has always made me angry.

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Several years ago, I read a report that ink and toner sales accounted for 10% of HP's sales, yet it also accounted for 33% of HP's profit.

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My HP 8620 Officejet PRO

tells me which cartridge is empty, and I just replace that one. Also, I don't have any stock in this company, but Combo Ink always has great prices on cartridges.

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Bought a new epson et 4550

Bought a new epson rt 4550 love it. It replaced a lexmark color laser. Love the ink refill system on the 4550.

Good to see some printer companies are taking this approach.

It's good for the environment and it saves money over the long haul.

Also, if you don't want color, B&W laser printers are cheap and the toner stays fresh much longer than for ink jets.

My HP also tells me low ink.

alleghany wrote:

tells me which cartridge is empty, and I just replace that one. Also, I don't have any stock in this company, but Combo Ink always has great prices on cartridges.


But I will never buy off brand ink. I tried that one time with 2 cartridges and both failed at about the 50% level. I gained nothing on that experiment.

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