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Veterans Day

Thank You For Your Service! To all my fellow veterans

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Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all

Army Vet

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Medals Returned

A local Navy vet had his medals returned this week. They were stolen during an estate sale after the death of his son.


I know this happens quite frequently but somehow it's different when it involves someone from your own community. Brought tears to my eyes.

May God bless all our veterans.

Thanking all the

Thanking all the veterans
Semper Fi to my fellow Marines

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Thank You

Thank you for your sacrifice and those of your family and for your service.

Roger that

Jery wrote:

Thank You For Your Service! To all my fellow veterans

Roger that.
Here's a nice video that only we veterans can appreciate.


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Great video

Reminds us of why we served. Hope all of my fellow vets had a happy Veterans Day.

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First Remembrance Day

First Remembrance Day ceremony for a couple of decades without the kids. Both had to work today. I think they will carry on the tradition when they can though. They know by now how important it is.