Directional POI Alerts for Speed Cams


After a good while of head scratching and trying to figure out how to get a work-around for assigning a directional proxmity alert to speed cams so that I know which ones are facing me and which ones aren't I think I may have a solution.

It is a bit time consuming but could be worth the effort.

First find a point in the city (centre or some big central landmark is good).

In Mapsource zoom in quite close so that you can see which side of the road the camera locations are.

I then search and delete all the cameras from that POI (remember to leave the orininal POI camera file intact) that are facing OUT of town leaving those facing IN to town.
I create a POI file to the effect of "poi_cams_in.gpx" and likewise creat an mp3 file that says "City facing camera xxx metres."

Then I go back and do the same but deleting the IN facing cameras and leaving the OUT facing cameras and save that as filename "poi_cams_out.gpx" with a mp3 file of the same name that says "Border facing camera xxx meters."

One could also make 4 POI files for camera's facing North, South, East & West...

Thereafter I upload to the GPS with POI loader.

Obviously one can use any speech warning but I am aiming for the first word to indicate which direction the camera is facing as that will allow me to know if I should check speed and slow down or carry on my merry way.

I admit this is a very, very long winded way of doing it but so far it is the only way I can think of to include directional proximity.

If anyone can suggest an easier way I am sure that lots of the Factory members would like to hear them...

Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

hard part...

it seems that the hard part is just the manual labor of determining what direction the camera is facing?

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Yup that is true Skabaru.
However all the cams on my system have been waypointed by myself.
In MapSource I can see which side of the road I was on when I waypointed it if I zoom in right up close.

Alternatively on can just take note of the camera's on your usual route and work it from there.

As I mentioned, not a perfect solution but it is one way of doing it if you have some time on your hands.

Nuvi 715 (Sucks), Nuvi 670 (dead)& Garmin GPS 72. South African living Dubai, United Arab Emirates.