Connected Car Devices


I am interested in hearing who here has added internet connectivity to their vehicle(s). Honestly, I didn't pay real close attention to this until a bit earlier this year. I found out this spring about the AT&T ZTE Mobley with $20.00 per month for unlimited internet. I then bought a mobile hotspot device, switched SIM cards, and I have been happy with it.

It looks like all four of the big carriers have connected vehicle devices and plans. They simply plug into the OBD II port.

I am Currently Looking

This is new to me - just started looking in the past week.

I saw the thing about the $20 for that Mobley thing, but then AT&T told me no - it's not correct and it would be more like $60.

I hope to find something though, as that would greatly help during travel.

Thanks for posting these links - they will help me with more information!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .

I'm just curious: what is

I'm just curious: what is the advantage of in car wifi vs a hotspot from your phone? I'm thinking battery life if not charging in car and cost?

Use My Phone

I keep my phone plugged in and turn on the HotSpot if needed. Saves me having to open yet another account. In addition, I also have a JetPack (Verizon) and can keep that plugged in to be used as a HotSpot. Speeds are much faster with that than the phone.

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