Changing the volume of sound files


Changing the volume of sound files

First, I suggest you create a new folder named Wavosaur on your computer. Personally, I have a folder under my root C: drive which I have named "PortableApps" (without the quotes) under which I have folders for the programs I download - in this case "Wavosaur" (without the quotes).

Navigate to and download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version depending on the operating system of your computer.

Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded zip file and expand it (once this is done you can delete the zip file).

NOTE: wavosaur.exe is a program that does not have to be "installed" on your computer because it is "portable" and "open source" (free - although the author would always appreciate donations if you find it valuable).

Double-click on wavosaur.exe to open the program.

For this exercise, we will be using only the "File" and "Edit" tabs.
1. Click on File -> Open
2. Navigate to the folder containing the sound file whose volume you wish to change. Select the sound file, and then click Open. Your sound file will appear in the lower pane of Wavosaur.
3. Click on Edit -> Select all to highlight the sound file
4. Now, press the "space" bar to play the sound file.
5. Since you already know the level at which the sound file is playing on your GPS unit, use the Master volume control on the very left of Wavosaur to approximate that level.
6. With your cursor within the highlighted file, right-click and select Volume. A dialog box titled Value will appear. In my case, it contained the value "3.00", indicating that it would increase the volume of my sound file by 3 db when I clicked "Ok". Try clicking Ok and then press the "space" bar to see if this new level is to your liking. If not, the repeat step 6. Note that entering a negative number like "-2" (without the quotes) will decrease the volume
7. When the sound level is to your liking, click File -> Save As and a "Save As" dialog will appear using the folder containing your original sound file. I would suggest adding something like "rev" (without the quotes) to the end of the name (but to the left of the period beginning the extension). Then click Save.
8. What I suggest now is to navigate to the folder containing the now two sound files and rename the original by inserting, say, "orig" (without the quotes) before the period starting the extension. Then, remove the "rev" from the new version of the sound file.
9. NOTE: Since you may have started with a folder that contained not only the sound file whose volume you wanted to change, but also a POI file (like a .csv or .gpx) and/or an icon file (.bmp), you do not have to delete the original sound file. POI loader looks only for sound and icon files whose character strings before the extension match a POI file. Other files are ignored.