Greetings - newbie Nuvi 350 owner


Traded-up my Garmin V for a Nuvi 350 and I'm loving it. Now I'd like to learn about/play with POI, esp. for speed/redlight warnings.

Has anyone seen this site?:

I wouldn't mind trying to download your red light/speed cam POI database, and augment it with locations from the above site (esp. Gaithersburg, MD)

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Garmin V / Garmin Nuvi 350 / Girlfriend with map...


Welcome to the community.

It doesn't look like you can download the locations directly from that site. But have a look at the redlight camera file here. Miss POI does a lot of work to get and keep the locations updated.


Yeah, once I'm qualified to download that file I'll give it a try. As far as that other site goes, I may just input a lot of it manually. They want you to pay for to download it in electronic format.


Garmin V / Garmin Nuvi 350 / Girlfriend with map...