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Hello there,
New to this forum but have visited many times for advice on things..
I have a new Garmin 2595 and like many would like red light speed cameras poi's for it. I had a Nuvi 40 that had them all on it and while I tried to transfer them to the new unit by copy/paste method and by POI Loader method they don't seem to appear and or work..can one tell me how to download an entire Canada red light camera file database and what would be the best method of getting them on my unit?
Much thanks in advance, I'm sure judging by how great this forum seems that help is just around the corner!


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Keep it simple

Never mind loading just Canada. The POI Factory Red Light Camera file has all of the US and Canada mixed together. The file is so small because it is a text file that there is no point in sorting out Canada.

The best plan is to start from scratch with the new GPS. Take a look at my FAQ to run POI Loader to load the RLC file into the new GPS. It is so much easier to do this rather than moving the POIs from one GPS to the other.

Start with loading the POIs. There will be a "dot" icon on the screen for each one and a "ding" audio as you approach. After this works properly, add an icon or sound you like and load the POIs again.

Use this thread you created as technical support to ask any questions that come up. There are many members who know a lot more than me and are ready to help.


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Thanks so much for the reply and valued advice!...will follow your lead!

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But ...

... check your settings on your nuvi as you may simply have alerts for custom POIs turned off.

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The next link helps you make a backup of your GPS by attaching it to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup). It also assures that you put your (newer) unit into a state where you can see all of the folders there.

Let us know how we can help you enjoy your GPS.

Thanks for the welcome!!

Cheers all for the assistance, I think I have my feet under me now and am understanding the unit and the site better now.
Thanks again for the assistance!


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