Chat Room?


Congratulations on a useful site.

I'm new to the GPS world but have a fairly techie bend.

Does this site have a chat room or are there other GPS oriented sites which do where users can exchange tech tips.

I realize queries can be posted in these forums but the turnaround time and number of exchanges required is nowhere near as efficient as a real-time chat with someone familiar with a topic.


We do not have a chat room

We do not have a chat room set up at this time. What I have guided teams of people to do in the past is to sign up on Yahoo instant messenger and communicate that way. I will speak with Jon about adding a Yahoo Instant messenger id field to the personal profile page so that if you want to contact someone you can find their handle on that.

Miss Poi

Thx For Reply on Chat Room

Thx Miss POI

The forums obviously work but thought it might be a simple way to get quick feedback from users who might just be tapped into our 'POI Factory Chat Room' and wish to offer their insight/knowledge on various topics brought up by users.

I have a number of questions which I'm sure some of our members will know the answers to. I'll post on the forums.

I've created some improved POI icons which i'd like to share on your site. I'll look up the posting instructions and upload once figured out.

Thx again.