Google Plans To Stop Scanning Emails To Personalize Gmail Ads


Just because some states are starting to gear up laws to protect our on-line privacy, Google's now going to quit reading your Google Emails... Too bad our Federal Legislators are bought and paid for by large corporations!

But I digress... I know. I get 10,000 lashes with a wet piece of spaghetti razz

Call it trickle-down privacy: Google announced that it will no longer scan your emails to personalize the ads you see in Gmail. The company said this change results from its decision to make the professional version of Gmail, which is included in G Suite, "more closely align" with the consumer version. G Suite customers already have this level of privacy; now the billion-plus people who don't pay a cent for Gmail will also be able to enjoy it.

That isn't to say personalized ads will entirely disappear from Gmail. You're still going to see targeted ads--it's just that Google plans to use existing data (search history, YouTube activity, etc.) instead of scanning all your emails. Odds are good that you probably won't even notice the change. The company's built on ads, so if it thought improved privacy would hurt its ability to sell ads, it would likely maintain the status quo.

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I'm not sure we will ever

I'm not sure we will ever stop this. The most valued asset is customer data. Which is used for behavioral persuasion.