Garmin Nuvi 680 -- Can't Search for Air Force Bases


Visited my brother over the 4th of July and couldn't search for his Air Force Base using the "Where TO" function. The map clearly shows his air force base, but I could not find a way to search for it. Had to call him and get an on base address to enter.

Does anyone know how to search for something like an air force base?



The best thing that I've found to do in a situation like that where you can see the location on the map, is to browse the map to the location and select "Go" from there.

Or spell the name out (or at least part of the name) without going to a category first.

But where I found the Naval Bases around me where under the Attractions category. But since there were so many other "attractions", I still had to input "naval" to narrow the list down.

I live right near to McChord

I live right near to McChord AFB and Ft Lewis Army Post, I was surprised that the c550 showed anything on the map at all when I drove thru the gate. I understand your query, but I don't even think I would want the Base's residential coordinates should be on the GPS.

I suggested to my hubby that works on base (now USAF-RET) that the military should have a cloaking type device that covers the base/post from civilian GPS systems. he laughed at me..

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It May Be a Security Issue

Maybe Garmin prevents searches of military bases for security issues. Seems strange since lat/lon can be obtained from google maps and programmed in.


I had to travel cross

I had to travel cross country to my active duty location and garmin nuvi 200 navigated well on bases, helping find lodging at night and travel to the supermarket for the first time.
Remember that bases are towns that have stores, shops, recreational activities. Security seems to be done by not allowing unauthorized persons in, not in blocking GPS signals.