FCC Falsely Claims Net Neutrality Took Away Your Freedom


Press outlets are having a field day with FCC boss Ajit Pai's speech this week, where he declared his intention to gut not only net neutrality rules but most government oversight of giant ISPs. From continued false claims that net neutrality kills broadband investment (we've noted repeatedly that's not true and countless industry executives continue to agree) to claims that net neutrality protections somehow hurts consumer privacy (what?), Pai trotted out all manner of falsehoods to justify his elimination of broadly popular net neutrality protections.

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But the kicker, as noted by Ars Technica, was Pai's claim that he was killing oversight of the telecom industry to somehow "restore freedom" to the internet.

Pai's accompanying press release was entitled "Restoring Internet Freedom for All Americans." The agency's NPRM (pdf), which outlines Pai's plan to roll back ISPs under Title I, is similarly and absurdly named "restoring internet freedom (pdf).

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