Garmin info versus custom poi's


Just downloaded the Dunkin Donut custom POI file. But why? I just have to ask it to "find place" and then Dunkin Donut. I see direct advantages to red light alerts, but not much so in the DD poi. What am I missing?


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I'll indicate why I download POIs. It is because of my first experience with a POI. In my own hometown, I looked to see how easy it would be for me to find the Subaru dealership; and my local dealer was not there. As I was about to head for Canada to visit friends, that did not give me great confidence that I would be able to find the nearest dealership if I were to have a car problem while on the road.

So, the Subaru file was the first I downloaded.

We have never determined exactly what criteria Garmin uses to include establishments in their POI file of many million places. But, we do know that most of the factory's POI files are updated regularly.

In my case, I have asked Google to notify me of news articles involving those files that I maintain. True, most of the articles are not about new stores or closures of existing stores, but it is worthwhile to me to be notified whenever there are changes,

Dunkin Donuts.

As an example, my local Dunkin Donuts (Marion IA) is not included in the Garmin built-in POI's, but it is in the POI Factory file maintained by member Mahoney.

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Frequent & Accurate Updates

Even if you download the latest Garmin map update, which most of us don't, our esteemed member Mahoney updates the DD Poi file more accurately and often more frequently than Garmin.

Garmin Info Versus Custom Poi's

Yes, it makes for common sense. To illustrate I recently went to the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training facility in Florida. McKechnie Field which recently changed names to LECOM Park were both unknowns to Garmin - very frustrating. My wife easily found it on Google maps. Maybe someone should create an MLB Spring Training Facilities POI?