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When I open my list off Poi in my garmin, why does it appear that the only ones that are close by can be viewed. Example: there are 48 UFA in alberta and stored in a poi file, but only ten appear in list, how can I view all 48 locations?

Robert Tschetter

Some info

Unless your nuvi 65 shows fewer than 50 custom POIs at a time, I'm surprised you're not seeing all 48 (since 48 is less than 50...see below). Just to be sure—you are using the down arrow to view more until no more are left, correct?

Here's a FAQ but it and its links may not help since most nuvis can display the 50 nearest locations:

The tips in the above links for showing distant POIs (not the nearest 50) may also work for you if your device is limited to the nearest ten.

If it turns out that the nuvi 65 only shows the ten nearest, this needs to be documented so the FAQs can be updated for your model.

Good luck and please report back.

Searching near: ?

The only time I've seen fewer than 50 at a time is when I have an active route on my nüvi. In that case when I select Where To? and the search criteria is set to My Active Route, it will only return those that are close to the route as I expect Upcoming Exits would also do. On the 3597 at least, the default selection is Where I Am Now and always returns the closest 50 within a circle. Assuming you're not searching along a route, I'm also interested in seeing what the answer to your question is.

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