nuvi 855 battery - amazing.


I bought my nuvi 855 as a factory refurb in 2010. Later that year I bought a spare battery for it on eBay (they are no longer available, but were readily available at that time). I always carried the spare in the nuvi case. To keep the two batteries both fully charged, every few days I would swap between the two for normal daily use of my 855.

Well, in 2013 during a vacation trip to CO, I went to swap batteries, but the spare was not in the case. It had apparently fallen out somewhere. I assumed it was gone forever. The lost battery was the original one that came with the nuvi and I have been using the one I bought on eBay ever since.

Today I was looking for something under my car seat and guess what I found stuck up in the seat rail? I figured after sitting on the car floor for almost 4 years it was shot, but decided to try to charge it up before throwing it out. I stuck it in my 855 and before I could plug in the USB cable, to my surprise the 855 powered up with 4 full bars! Amazing for a 8 year old battery that has been dormant without being on a charger for 4 years!

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very impressive indeed

Very impressive indeed. The battery in my good old 260 definitely does not have that kind of stamina. smile


I still have the original battery for my 855 as well as the spare that I had purchased directly from Garmin maybe a year after I first got the unit. Both batteries still work although I haven't actually used the GPS itself for years.

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Great story... and Decent

Great story... and Decent life for that battery!

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Battery Longevity

My OLD Nuvi 660 I still have as a backup is still has the original battery and continues to hold a full charge. Occasionally I charge it on my wall charger. I haven't charged it for about a month now but I checked it out this morning and still displays a full charge so there was no need to charge it.

I checked the Garmin site and saw the following information:
Product name: nüvi® 660
Serial number: xxxxx
Unit Id: xxxxxxxxxx
Dealer/Retailer: circuit city
Date Purchased: Nov 6, 2006

For a battery that's over 10 years old is remarkable. They just don't make them like that anymore.

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