Tracker / Locator Devices ??


I’m curious if anyone here has any experience with these relatively new RF / Bluetooth / cellular tracker / locator devices.

Click ‘n Dig:

Amazon gives it 4.5 stars but it seems to me you have to remember where you put the transmitter fob which is more easily lost than your keys or wallet.

Loc8Tor :

4 stars on Amazon. More expensive and more accurate but seems to suffer the same problem as the Cilck ‘n Dig.

Tile, The App:
Looks to be the most promising since you can use your computer or smartphone to find items.

Any comments?

There are a boatload of these things

I would recommend reading the descriptions and the customer reviews, they don't all work the same way. Those that make sense to me pair with a smart phone. If you can't find your keys and they are within Bluetooth range (typically 30 feet), a button on the app on the phone can cause the tag on the keyring to beep. Some work in both directions with a button on the tag to find your phone (still bluetooth range limit). One brand says the tags can be registered with their network. They claim that if you drop your keys somewhere and they are not in range of your phone and other user with their app installed comes in range of your keys will automatically capture the location and send you a message with the coordinates of where the "ping" was detected. Another brand says it will beep should your keys and phone part company, if you left your phone in the booth at the restaurant and as you left, your keyring would start beeping as a reminder that you left your phone.

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